Buldan is a small village of 15000 people built on a hill side in the inner Aegean region of Turkey. Buldan is famous for it cotton, Buldan Cotton. The town’s tradition of handwoven textiles dates back to the 13th century. By the end of the 19th century, there were over 1,500 looms accounting for the largest textile production of its time. With the advent of modern textile machine manufacturing, Buldan’s capacity has shrunk down to a few looms that cater mostly to the local shops. Chic Towels wants to revive the local Traditional Weaving Craft by increasing the amount of looms, providing better salaries for the weavers and, above all, create a more viable business model so that the weavers and their products will be able to take advantage of a more global system of sales and distribution. 


In order to do that, as Chic Towels we decided to open to the North American market so we can promote Buldan, its’ organic amazing cotton and provide more sales to the families working at the 150 years old shuttle looms.


Value Behind Our Towels and Buldan Cotton

Buldan has its’ own textile festivals where the little village turns into one big bazaar with many local workshops competing to get more attention from outside world. If you have the time and money to spend, take a quick one day trip to Buldan during one of these festivals. Spend your day on the streets and familiarize yourself with the place and the place. Meet with the local entrepreneurs that owns local shops, check out some existing looms, meet the weavers and listen to their stories. Only then one can see the real value behind Buldan Cotton and a handloomed plush Chic Towel.