How to use Chic Towels In The Summer


The summer is very near and it’s the time to sit beside a peaceful and endless sea, relaxing in the sunshine and refreshing your body and soul. The pleasurable leisure time on a beach can turn out to be the most stylish one with a hot beach wear and an addition of a fabulous Peshtemal Towel. You must be wondering what a Peshtemal towel is and how it can be a style boost for an ordinary bikini! Here we will tell you the details.


What is a Peshtemal Towel?

Although there are many kinds of beach towels available in the market, but the best and most classy kind is the Peshtemal Towel. It’s not an average terry cloth; rather it’s large, flat and velvety soft with high absorbency and beautiful fabric. They are created with the inspiration of ancient Turkish spas and are highly stylish, durable and light weight. The trendiest fringes are such a fashion addition to these beach towels that it makes them edgy and chic.

Why to Use Peshtemal Towels?

They are highly absorbent but extremely light weight, soft and versatile. The vary qualities of the Peshtemal towels make them an ideal travel towel which you can comfortably choose as a body wrap at beach. At beach side or poolside, you can fashionably wear them as a sarong or pareo with the endless style ideas which makes them not only look chic but also feel airy and soft against your skin.



How to Use Peshtemal Towels on beach as beach towels?

Being light weight, soft and versatile; Peshtemal towels are ideal to be used as a body wrap at the beach in many eye catching and chic styles.

1. As a Scarf:

You can twist up the beautiful towel and drape around your neck delicately to accessorize your beach outfit.

2. Sexy Skirt:

Stand out of the crowd by wrapping it around your waist like a skirt and pairing up with a vibrant top.

3. Make a Beach Wrap or Sarong:

Want a quick change of look from bikini to a beachside airy outfit! Wrap the towel as a sarong stylishly and be a complete head turner.

4. Beach Club Outfit:

Change the look from bikini to beach club outfit! Tie the towel at the back of your neck and wrap it around your waist with an addition of belt and other accessories, you are all set to rock the beach club dance party.