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Our Top Picks  

Best Ultra-Plush : Chic Bathroom Towel Natural Diamond

“All of our natural towels offer luxury and plush, but you can’t beat this 850 gram diamond pattern towel from Buldan when it comes to comparing plushness.”

Best Turkish Towel : Traditional Turkish Peshtemal Towel

“What makes a towel Turkish? Well, it is combination of few things such as, hand-tied fringes, tassels, organic nature, and the way it is loomed. But, this peshtemal towel is the most Turkish because of its’ design. It includes all of the above, and comes with traditional Turkish Spa Peshtemal pattern. This is kind of towel that you get when you go to Turkish traditional spas.” 


Best Durable Towel : Smyrna Stonewashed Towel Peshtemals  

“If you do not want to worry about your towel in terms of care, maintance, and drying, smyrna towels are the best option out there for you. They absorb well, dry fast, and they will stay with you for decades even if you do not show any love. All thanks to our traditional stonewashing process.”



Best Luxury : Chic Gold Handloomed Bamboo Towels   

“Our Gold Handloomed Bamboo Towels invented the word “luxurious”.

100% Organic Bamboo, with sparkling texture, plush design and unmatchable quality.  

The best handloomed towel ever made. More than a towel for sure!”  


Best Organic : Chic Bathroom Towel Natural Zigzag

“All of our towels are equally organic in terms of cotton and dyes. However, during the production phase, some towels are little more processed than others for design purposes. This beauty here the easist towel to make which makes it more organic in my eyes since there is almost no machine involvement as well as chemicals and plastic.”


Best Set: Amari Throw, Body and Hand Towel Set 

“All you need is Amari! Twin size blanket for your next camping trip, or a stylish peshtemal towel for you sons swimming class, or a generous size hand towel for you bathroom. All you need is Love!”


Best Vintage: Chic Rainbow Towel I

“Let me take you back to 70s vintage style and colors. Rainbow Towel I was designed nothing but 70s and 80s in mind.”


Best Monochrome: Monochrome Towel  

“We designed and loomed this beauty just for people like me.

People who love monochrome. Yes I am selfish and I wanted a monochrome towel.” 


Best Chic: Chic Rainbow Mustard Towel

“Just like any other handloomed towel that we minimally process, this towel has GSM over 800, natural dyes, and organically grown Turkish cotton. But the colors are less vibrant than Rainbow I, and less monochrome than monochrome towel. I think this towel is the sweet spot of all of our handloomed towels.”