The Importance of Organic Baby Products

Why do we have to care when people hype on organic baby products? Answer is easier than one might expect. As infants, children are super unresistant to the unnatural feelings and negative effects of their environment, especially when it comes to their skin and bodies. As Chic Towels, we believe in building the foundation for a healthy life by taking action into little things such as towels, blankets and kids textile products. Building an organic life becomes even more important as we move forward into the years. As years move forward tastes and habits begin to solidify, therefore an organic lifestyle is easier to obtain if taught in earlier ages. 


We have cancer in our lives more than ever before. Have you ever heard your parents or grand parents talking about good old days without any or just a little cancer? Because the effects of chemicals in products that we consume or use now starting to be understood. Such things like instant coffee, sparkling drinks and more have likely been leaving unsettling amount of toxic chemicals to our bodies. It is same as textile when it comes to organic decision. Just like instant coffee or cola, effects of using industrialized textile products on our skin will appear after decades. Luckily things have changed for certain products. We know better now  and organic baby products of the modern age are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, and melamine – allowing us to not only feed our children properly, but to control and restrict toxins throughout their entire youth.


Not Just Any Organic

It is important to know that not all the organic products are safe. Many organic food, textile or pharmaceutical products could still incorporate materials that are unsafe once heated, stored, or served despite the great lengths you have gone to in making sure that all of that is organic. As Chic towel this where we make our difference as a small family owned business. Compared to big companies that try to switch from industrial to semi- organic, small family businesses that operate for decades tend to have ways of doing things without trying to be organic. We as Chic Towels, have been in towel, peshtemal business since 1931. We use organic cotton, not because we believe that it is the new big thing to hit he jackpot, but because we were taught that way. 

Long story short, it is important to remember that some organic baby products could still incorporate materials that are unsafe so make sure products you end up using are free of bisphenol-A, polyvinyl chloride, and other chemicals that are commonly used in the manufacturing.


Start With a Organic Cotton Towel

You as parents, are the ones who need to make the changes your child needs you to make. The choices we make for our children as infants and toddlers build the foundation for the rest of their lives. One must not forget that an organic decision is not just about ones personal own health, but also it is the right way to take for our society to get to the next level as a civilization. 

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