Chic Towels Workshop

Chic Bathrobes & Towels is a brand my grandparents used in the 1960s to today, but the brand itself goes way back to the 1931. Our family company was founded in Buldan, Turkey that manufactured bathrobes and towels by handloomed shuttle looms. 

Finding a great Turkish towel or just any towel is not supposed to be a complicated process. I remember my grandma's oldest, most torn-up 20 years old towel in her closet when i was a little child back home in Turkey. It was still plush..

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple, towels and bathrobes in North America are too expensive and not good enough. Not all towels are made equal, just like bed sheets. We are here to proof that. 

Here is the story 

Here is the towel care