How It Began

Entrepreneurship at its finest!

After graduating from Simon Fraser University Communications and Advertising BA, Alper took the hard way and instead of choosing the blue pill (easy, simple life) , he went with the red pill. Red pill was a challenge, which was taking over a small family business that has been stuck at the borders of Turkey and bringing the big stage to North America. 

One of the things Canada showed to Alper was the importance of sustainability and organic way of life. In 2012, after learning more about how textiles are actually really bad for the world (for instance, in order to manufacture 1 jean,  it requires 3 tons of water) he decided to bring his family business to Canada. 

Hirna & Ahsen

One of the things that brought the best out of Alper, was marrying to true marketing genius, Hirna. Hirna was the main reason that sales to Canada began to speed up. She made sure Vancouver knew about Chic Towels, and it became more and more popular everyday.

In the Summer of 2020, after recruiting his award winning fashion designer sister to his team, Alper had more reasons than ever before to believe in this business. 

Thanks to my cousin's efforts in our workshop, thanks to my wife's efforts to spread our brand, thanks to my sister's beautiful designs, and thanks to hundreds of customers, now we believe in this business more than ever  before.