Chic Towels weaving


Coming from a family run towel and peshtemal business (since 1931) from an old town in Buldan, Turkey and having an innate love of textiles along side with strong values in sustainability and craftsmanship led Alper Ficici to create Chic Towels. Alper works with his family which is also one of the oldest and last remaining family-run workshops in Buldan, Turkey. In order to keep its authentic and organic style, the rule of thumb is to stay with traditional methods such as hand tied fringing, tassels and hand looming. Each towel is slowly woven by hand on 150 years old shuttle looms in Alper’s family running workshop. Therefore, there is no factory involvement. In fact some handmade peshtemal towels take more than a day of labour work.



To understand Chic Towels, one should look at the origin of the Buldan Cloth. The name of Buldan comes from the mountain called “ Boldağ “ where the town was established. When the textile products became very famous throughout the Asia Minor during the medieval age, a vivid saying in Turkish language among the visitors was, “ find the cloth and buy it” so the word, “Buldan” was derived from that famous  sentence. Chic towels are made of the finest quality, carefully woven with the most natural Buldan cotton. The structure of finest quality Buldan cotton is entirely different than the structure of the standard terry-cloth. Therefore comparing to terry-cloth our Chic towels are extremely strong and durable, absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, drys very quickly. Some of our Chic towels take up a tiny amount of packing space and are easy to carry; thus are commonly used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, saunas, pools, spas, beaches as well as for yoga, meditation and sports facilities – even for baby care. As a result, Buldan cloths’ raw material gives enormous processing possibilities. Today, to obtain best towels, chic towels are made of Buldan cotton.