Towel Care

Towel Care

First Use

What makes Chic Towels different than most other towels is its story with organic Buldan cotton. Buldan cotton is not treated with chemicals like other cotton, therefore it needs to be broken in to achieve optimal absorbency.

We recommend at least one time soaking your Turkish towels in cold water for 12-24 hours before first use. Soaking your Chic towel in cold water will help the the cotton fibers to expand, ensuring absorption and release of moisture from your very first use.


Eco-friendly dyes are just as long lasting as the harmful dyes used on conventional products. They will fade if powerful detergents or bleaching agents are used.
Because we do not use chemical color fixatives, please do not mix dark colors with light ones for the first few washes due to dye bleed. (Optional) For the first wash, add ¼ cup of vinegar to the final rinse, this will help to set the color and resist fading or bleeding.

Everyday Use

Chic Towels can last for decades if treated according to the instructions below.

Warm machine wash (30-40C)
Never use bleach. Cut back on detergent and avoid fabric softeners. These will build up soapy residue and reduce the natural absorbency by coating the fibers in chemicals.
Best way is using little less liquid detergent than suggested on a regular basis. Every once in a while wash your Chic towels with vinegar and baking soda as a natural treatment to keep your fibers alive and soft.
Be careful not to wash your towels with any items that may catch on the loops or tassels.
Tumble drying may damage integrity of fibers over time due to the heat. Hang drying recommended.


Hand-tied Fringing & Tassels

Each Turkish towel is made by hand using traditional methods, including hand-tied fringing and tassels. If your tassel comes undone, please follow these instructions.

Divide the loose threads into two equal sections. 
Twist the two sections separately in a clockwise direction until each piece is twisted to the ends.
Twist the two sections together in the opposite (counter-clockwise) direction until the two sections are twisted completely. 
Tie a knot at the end and you are done.