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Akasya Pink Towel

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Time to declutter your beach bag with an Akasya Towel!! – Here is how you do it;

If packing a bulky towel in your carry on is not an option for you.

If you hate sand stuck all over your body.

If you cannot stand bathroom towels that take forever to dry.

If you are looking for the most multipurpose towel.

If you are nodding…

Then you should definitely keep on reading. Have a look at our wonderful colors and get the ones you like the most. Make the most of your summer vacations without worrying about cluttered suitcases and towel washing.

When you are done using, toss this beach towel in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. Or just hang dry it, it will not take more than 30 min hang dry.

Suits Every Need – Suits Every Water Activity!

No matter if you are world traveling solo, joining the gym, hitting the beach or enjoying the occasional splash by the pool, this large 100% cotton body towel shouldn’t be missing from your towel arsenal.

Akasya towel is long enough so as to accommodate all your lounging needs. Spread out on the sand and enjoy. It can hold more than one person. The extra smooth and irresistible organic Turkish cotton absorb water quickly and efficiently while you are sunbathing.


  • 100% Soft Cotton

  • LIGHT BEACH & BATH TOWELS: Akasya handloomed towels are designed to be used in many ways. They are trendy beach towels and bath towels alternatives to big old towels. Our oversized turkish towels are much easier to carry and takes up less space in your bag compared to bulky towels. Use them at beach, pool, home, camping or just lie on them at the park!

  • 100% NATURAL COTTON: Our Turkish beach towels are made of 100% natural soft cotton thus they are super soft. They also come Pre-Washed so you don't need them to wash before first use.

  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT & QUICK-DRY: Our quick dry beach towels are very absorbent due to the quality of cotton used. Turkish cotton is one of the most absorbent cottons in the world because it has very long fibers. Our large towels quickly dry under 50 mins when hanged.


  Akasya TowelBeach Towels


Size 100 cm x 200 cm (Bigger than an average towel)
Color Pink
Material Soft Turkish Cotton
Fabric Type 100% Soft Organic Cotton

Material Care Instructions




Machine Wash, Tumble Dry

Ultra Absorbent, Quick Drying

Pre-washed for Softness and No Shrinkage, Hand-tied Fringes

Organic, Plush, Soft and Robust

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